Repair of industrial equipment

Repair of equipment – This implies an increase in the service life of rotating mechanisms (for example, screw bushings) and their protection against abrasive wear by applying high-temperature abrasive-resistant surfacing material with a hardness of 56-59 HRC, 63-65 HRC.

We also offer a service for high-quality repair and restoration of equipment using modern materials and technologies that significantly extend the service life of products. The service of restoration of impellers and internal surfaces of pumps operating with high abrasive and corrosive wear is especially in demand.

Our specialists carry out repairs:

  • Heat exchangers, including the annulus using the pipe-in-pipe technology
  • Cast covers for heat exchangers
  • Housings of mills and crushers, screws
  • Tank repair
  • Shaft restoration
  • Restoration of landings under bearings
  • Anti-corrosion protection
  • Surfacing
  • Gumming
  • Boring and milling work of parts using portable equipment